Deep acting and surface acting psychology essay

Managers should therefore be aware of emotional labor, and particularly emotional dissonance, when aiming to obtain health among their employees. Many actors find the practice of method acting cathartic, similar to psychiatrist Jacob L. In contrast to universal emotion values and hedonic preferences, emotion norms are highly specific to social situations and institutional contexts.

Deep Acting is when you are unconsciously acting and you are truly believing what he or she is acting. Sunday, November 2, The Managed Heart: If employees show specific problems to cope with emotional demands training should be provided by the company.

These coping skills will help turn negative emotion to positive and allow for more focus on the public in contrast to oneself. When confronted by a citizen or a co-worker public administrators use emotional sensing to size up the emotional state of the citizen in need.

The reason for this is because they are on the front lines of the government, and are expected to by citizens to serve them quickly and efficiently. This result has implications for the design of working positions, but also highlights the importance of proper staff selection processes and training of job holders.

Emotional dissonance, strain reactions and organisational outcomes: It is not just about collecting the water bill or land ordinances to construct a new property, it is also about the quality of life and sense of community that is allotted to individuals by their city officials.

Emotional labor

Received Jul 2; Accepted Oct Within expressive emotion work, one attempts to change expressive gestures to change inner feelings. The factors that influence how often and how intensely employees experience emotional dissonance and have to perform emotion regulation may contribute the level of experienced psychological strainand burnout.

Consequently, emotions like anger in a person may be perceived by others although efforts have been taken to suppress this reaction. For example, if a flight attendant were to use surface acting emotional regulation he or she might, for example, smile and try to look unimpressed despite a customer is insulting and upsetting him or her.

The current section aims to outline some of these results. Links for further reading Adelmann, P. One of the caveats of deep acting, however, lies in the fact that too much deep acting over time may feel disingenuous; you may feel as though you have lost your own self-identity from all the acting.

The ELS is a item self-report questionnaire that measures six facets of emotional display in the workplace, including the frequency, intensity and variety of emotional display, the duration of interaction, and surface and deep acting.

Figure Figure2 2 illustrates the way in which deep acting and surface acting can be understood as parts of the emotion regulatory process. Figure 2 Deep acting and surface acting in Gross’s process model of emotion regulation. There are two specific types of emotional labor, and they are called deep acting and surface acting.

Psychological effects of method acting

Deep acting is about a person trying to feel a specific emotion that they are thinking about in. the employee is experiencing surface acting, or deep acting.

Emotion Regulation and Emotion Work: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

If a person is deep acting, the high level of emotional labour can be very rewarding (Persaud, ). Arlie Hochschild: The Presentation of Emotion emotions is through deep acting. Managing “Real” Feelings Hochschild draws on the work of Konstantin Stanislavski to make the distinction between surface and deep acting.

Stanislavski is the father of “method acting.” Method.

Emotional labor

Psychological effects of method acting. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This A mode of acting referred to as “surface acting” involves only changing one’s actions without altering the deeper thought processes.

Method acting, when employed correctly, is mainly deep acting, or changing thoughts as well as actions, proven to generally.

Deep acting and surface acting psychology essay
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