Nature and objectives of economic and monetary union essay

However, a variety of political and economic obstacles barred the way. When analysing the case of UK, the findings and analysis chapter demonstrated that volatility of euro and pound keeps the UK goods and services less competitive in EU.

General council consists of president, vice-president, secretary and other office bearers. Then the central bank increased the digits to originate the overnight loan to the bank and created a debt to lending bank which is an asset, for accounting purposes, to the central bank in essence creating money out of thin air as debt.

This can be say that, the UK's volume of exports has been strongly affected by the introduction of the Euro and this negative trend can hurt the UK's economy even more in future if UK does not join the euro.

This means that fiat money is also used to keep inflation in check, as Lerner originally wrote These measures will also help to reduce inflation as the level of spending decreases.

As Clower would remark, money buys goods and goods buy money but goods do not buy goods. So, this can be say that the current financial crisis may wipe away the disadvantages connected with deviation of monetary policies in the UK and Eurozone.

So, joining euro will ease the former issue i. Respectively, the argument for housing market coincides between UK and EU, and does not hold much value than before.

Immunity from Civil Suit in Certain Cases: The first dimension tries to find the economic variable to determine where should be the boundaries of the single currency drawn. According to the heterodox view, money is simply an IOU. This success provided the impetus for further discussions between the Member States on achieving economic and monetary union.

First, direct taxation means that the tax cannot be, e. They also concluded that the economic stability also diminishes under monetary union if goods are imports from euro area as primarily intermediates instead of finished goods.

Policy prescriptions parameters in response to economic recession or depression were virtually invented by Keynes in the General Theory, although it was vastly misinterpreted. Additionally, the Post-Keynesian economist understands the reality of constraints and parameters that are difficult to measure or that might shift quickly instead of gradually, as Brazelton, Sturgeon, and Weinel carefully remind us.

The Member States agreed in principle in and began the first stage — narrowing currency fluctuations. From the Werner Report to the European Monetary System, to The Werner group set out a three-stage process to achieve EMU within ten years, including the possibility of a single currency.

For comparative analysis, the UK volume of international trade has compared to the euro zone area. In view of that, interest rates have been analysed to determine the real convergence between both of the regions.

The car dealership received cash from the bank and they used this to pay their employees and other expenses etc. Lower transaction costs Transaction costs are reduced because there are no commission payments to financial intermediaries.

Various comments raised by authors have reviewed in order to look at the background of the research topic. Last, taxation is never used to finance government spending; it is used to curb inflation.

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This economic theory offers to analyse the conditions for reducing the costs and maximizing the benefits of forming or joining a monetary union. The country is said to be optimal currency area when similarities between the economic structures of countries makes them feasible to adopt a single currency.

Objectives of the EU The Union’s objectives can be read in the Lisbon Treaty Art. 3 TEU and include, among others: the promotion of peace and the well-being of the Union´s citizens.

Essays in Monetary Theory and Policy: On the Nature of Money (8)

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Economic and Monetary Union EU Essay Sample Economic and monetary union was a recurring ambition for the European Union from the late s onwards because it promised stability and an environment for higher growth and employment.

The European Union member states have to meet the criteria before they enter the European Economic and Monetary Union, and use the euro as their common currency.

Admittance to the eurozone brought great benefits to the member states. A conclusion will not be written given the nature of the essay-the reader can simply refer to sub-titled sections for review.

A Monetary and Fiscal Framework for Economic Stability. The American Economic Review, Vol. No. 3. pp (June, ). 7 Responses to Essays in Monetary Theory and Policy: On the Nature of Money (5).

Nature and objectives of economic and monetary union essay
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