The risks and possible benefits of legalizing soft drugs essay

These "drugs" at the same time cause a loss of concentration and an altered sense of reality. As a result, parents often feel that they are losers with their children, won over by what unfortunately seems stronger than they in the market-place. If governments would legalize soft drugs with taxes on it, profit from sales could go into their budgets instead of feeding pockets of cartels and gangs.

Legalization advocates claim that the move will provide police officers more money and time to go after criminals committing other crimes, such as violence. This requires it to protect the rights, stability and unity of the family.

In many states, including Massachusetts, California and New Jersey, it is legal to use medical marijuana under certain guidelines.

Public places, such as bars, would expose innocent patrons. The drug war is becoming increasingly violent and deadly Drug Policy Alliance.

19 Primary Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed

They do not want their children to take drugs, while at the same time, others are working to legalize the sale and use of products that encourage drug dependence. Both concepts have widely different effects which are far reaching and as yet we are only beginning to completely understand the phenomena.

The legalization of drugs implies the risk of causing the opposite effect to that sought. Overcrowding will continue to rise in prisons, as will violence, if drugs are not legalized. Public places, such as bars, would expose innocent patrons. But through legalization, there will be open competition and lower prices, so drug cartels, which might include terrorists, would lose some or even all of their business.

Increase in Stoned Driving and Related Cases. This would save lives while taking the weight off from law enforcers. Do we really know why the free circulation of drugs should be legalized. This means more people will be free to use the drug for its believed health benefits.

However, while we do not possess a complete knowledge over drugs we do know most of their basic properties and we stand at a unique place in time where we must define, with our knowledge of the effects of drug use and our need in this day and age for personal freedom, a line that divides drug use from drug abuse.

Legalizing Marijuana Essays (Examples)

Effects vary from one drug to another, without being able to distinguish, at the pharmacological level, between the categories of "soft drugs" and "hard drugs". By limiting the use of marijuana, we are intruding on personal freedom.

An article said " A wide spectrum of supporters exist for the legalization approach to the drug problem, however a majority are in favor of its distribution as a controlled substance, regulated by the public health facilities, rather than the creation of an over the counter free market of drugs.

Again there are psychologists who believed that for example use of marijuana breaks barrier of fear against psychoactive drugs. There have been numerous attempts in this direction and they have all failed.

They seek support and therefore cultivate various relationships of dependence on others, on various substances and on dangerous behaviour. Billions and billions of U.

The worst part is that over 70, people, the majority unaffiliated with the drug war, have been killed since Opium, as has already been stated, was prescribed by doctors all over the world for a significant majority of maladies.

The biggest problem with the war on drugs is that it is a war that cannot be won. When we balance the Autonomic Nervous System, there is an effect on the mind that is both energizing and relaxing simultaneously.

Other harder crimes, such as robbery and rape, can also be caused by the lapse in judgment due to smoking weed. Instead, you must settle the dispute yourself, which often leads to a cycle of retaliatory violence.

Legalization of All Drugs (Persuasive Essay)

This means more people will be free to use the drug for its believed health benefits. While all too often children and teenagers are getting their hands on cigarettes and alcohol, it is stressed that authorities should think twice about legalizing this drug.

The Risks and Possible Benefits of Legalizing Soft Drugs Essay

They showed diminished ability to pay attention and decreased mental flexibility was exhibited in these tests. Substance abuse was once defined as the chronic or habitual usage of an illicit substance to alter ones body or mind. Consumption of these substances initially leads to isolation and then to dependence, and the intake of increasingly stronger products.

The market is still growing and looks like a bucket without bottom. Now, some people believe that the legalization of weed could be revenue generator in the form of new taxes applied to its sale and distribution. Instead, you must settle the dispute yourself, which often leads to a cycle of retaliatory violence.

The humorous stories about pot users having a horrible memory are not an urban legend that is simply put forward by everyone, from Hollywood films to treatment centers for addiction. On the other hand, current legalization efforts create a framework for a safety control system, which will work to get rid of the risk coming from smoking marijuana.

19 Primary Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed

Why all drugs should be legal. (Yes, even heroin.) legalizing marijuana under state law for recreational purposes. Different drugs do carry different risks, and the potential for serious.

Drug Legalization Essay Words | 5 Pages. Drug Legalization Drug legalization has become a great issue among Americans for many years, and there have also been those that try to stop that legalization.

The article, “Legalizing Drugs is Not the Solution” by Gerald W. Lynch, has a good argument based on facts and incidents that have occurred from drug use.

Legalization of All Drugs (Persuasive Essay) Random.

Legalization of Soft Drugs Essay

Just a persuasive essay I wrote for school BAM! Legalization of All Drugs (Persuasive Essay) K 7 0. Portugal has proven that legalizing drugs does work by helping lower drug use and increasing the amount of people seeking treatment.

In this essay I will try to answer the question about risks and benefits of legalizing soft drugs. Firstly I have to explain what is meant by the definition “soft drug”. Mainly the term regards drugs which are not psychoactive and are non-addictive (or the risk of addiction is minimal).

Jun 18,  · Words: Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Legalizing "Soft Drugs": Marijuana's Effect on Cognitive Functioning A continuing argument about the legalization of soft drugs such as marijuana, also known as cannabis is still much under debate.

Legalization on the other hand may have a number of different permutations, starting from the libertarian approach of free market distribution of all drugs, to the availability of only “soft” drugs, to the availability of drugs in the same manner as tobacco and alcohol, licensed, taxed and regulated.

The risks and possible benefits of legalizing soft drugs essay
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